AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-02Update to stable entangledHEADmasterJosias
2020-04-22Remove size for colors array because it is already initializedJosias
2020-04-22Remove blue (too dark)Josias
2020-04-22Fix markdownJosias
2020-04-22Revise MarkdownJosias
2020-04-22Improve spacingJosias
2020-04-22Improve documentation and add omitted codeJosias
2020-04-22Use enTangleD for literate programmingJosias
2020-04-21Remove Android sectionJosias
2020-04-21Add email to licenseJosias
2020-04-21Add checklistJosias
2020-04-21Fix typoJosias
2020-04-15malloc isn't necessary hereJosias
2020-04-14Update copyright for 2020Josias
2020-04-14Use fprintf more consistentlyJosias
2019-12-11Remove white entirelyJosias
2019-12-11Add BSD-2-Clause licenseJosias
2019-12-11Add some roadmapJosias
2019-12-11No same color in a rowJosias
2019-12-11Fix a few thingsJosias
2019-12-02Move termux-elf-cleaner to android sectionJosias
2019-12-01Remove bad code switchJosias
2019-12-01Add install to makefileJosias
2019-12-01Use kernel styleJosias
2019-11-25Fix double linesJosias
2019-11-25Disable colors when output is pipedJosias
2019-11-25Improve MakefileJosias
2019-11-25Support multiple files and - options + fixJosias
2019-11-25Support multiple files as argsJosias
2019-11-24Fix bad call to printColors()Josias
2019-11-24Add README.mdJosias
2019-11-24Change name to rccatJosias
2019-11-24Add changes by tleydxdyJosias
2019-11-22Remove unused buffer-lengthJosias
2019-11-22Update .gitignoreJosias
2019-11-22Replace colors.c with the cli oneJosias
2019-11-22Separate into functionJosias
2019-11-22Basic programJosias