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+title = "Doubt"
+date = 2021-08-14
+A thought enters my mind
+Harmless, hopeful, enlightening
+Tells me what I can find
+In a place not so frightening
+I open my soul's eye
+In this new realm of listening
+The voices question why
+My spirit starts its wrestling
+The thoughts overtake me
+Infecting every good feeling
+They start to steal my joy
+Destroying, manipulating
+I gave it all to them
+Loving, hating, fulfilling
+They never gave it back
+Leaving me only suffering
+Fighting for its return
+Just gives me complete misery
+Striving to win it back
+Pulls me far into wandering
+But another thought comes
+My heart and soul begin singing
+New wisdom takes over
+It stops and kills constant wondering
+A life in ruins restored
+To the way it was made to be
+Doubtful thoughts reformed
+As words of comfort, admiring
+Spirit of truth prevails
+Reminding of what is coming
+The life it fills reborn
+Cleaning the last of suffering
+But the end is not now
+The father's plans don't stop just yet
+God doesn't wonder how
+All his plots are already set
+We suffer affliction
+No honest one says contrary
+We weather difficulty
+But He turns it to victory