AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-16release 2020.06.162020.06.16Sergey M․
2020-06-16[ChangeLog] ActualizeSergey M․
2020-06-16[youtube] Fix uploader id and uploader URL extractionSergey M․
2020-06-16[youtube] Improve view count extractionSergey M․
2020-06-16[youtube] Fix upload date extractionSergey M․
2020-06-16[youtube] Fix thumbnails extraction and remove uploader id extraction warning...Sergey M․
2020-06-16[youtube] Fix playlist and feed extraction (closes #25675)Sergey M․
2020-06-14[facebook] Support single-video ID linksPhilipp Hagemeister
2020-06-06[youtube] Extract chapters from JSON (closes #24819)Sergey M․
2020-06-06[kaltura] Add support for multiple embeds on a webpage (closes #25523)Sergey M․
2020-06-06release 2020.06.062020.06.06Sergey M․
2020-06-06[ChangeLog] ActualizeSergey M․
2020-06-06[tele5] Bypass geo restrictionSergey M․
2020-06-06[jwplatform] Add support for bypass geo restrictionSergey M․
2020-06-06[tele5] Prefer jwplatform over nexx (closes #25533)Sergey M․
2020-06-06[twitch:stream] Expect 400 and 410 HTTP errors from APISergey M․
2020-06-06[twitch:stream] Fix extraction (closes #25528)Sergey M․
2020-06-06[twitch] Pass v5 accept header and fix thumbnails extraction (closes #25531)Sergey M․
2020-06-05[brightcove] Sort importsSergey M․
2020-06-05[brightcove] Fix subtitles extraction (closes #25540)Sergey M․
2020-06-01[malltv] Add support for (#25445)Matej Dujava
2020-06-01[twitter:broadcast] Add untitled periscope broadcast testSergey M․
2020-06-01[periscope] Fix untitled broadcasts (#25482)Sergey M․
2020-05-31[jwplatform] Improve embeds extraction (closes #25467)Sergey M․
2020-05-29release 2020.05.292020.05.29Sergey M․
2020-05-29[ChangeLog] ActualizeSergey M․
2020-05-29[ard:beta] Extend _VALID_URL (closes #25405)Sergey M․
2020-05-27[youtube] Add support for more invidious instances (#25417)
2020-05-23[postprocessor/ffmpeg] Embed series metadata with --add-metadataSergey M․
2020-05-21[giantbomb] Extend _VALID_URL (#25222)JordanWeatherby
2020-05-20[ard] Improve _VALID_URL (closes #25134) (#25198)Michael Klein
2020-05-20[redtube] Improve formats extraction and extract m3u8 formats (closes #25311,...Sergey M․
2020-05-20[utils] Fix file permissions in write_json_file (closes #12471) (#25122)Rob
2020-05-20[indavideo] Switch to HTTPS for API request (#25191)tlsssl
2020-05-20[redtube] Improve title extraction (#25208)Dave Loyall
2020-05-15[vimeo] improve format extraction and sorting(closes #25285)Remita Amine
2020-05-15[soundcloud] reduce API playlist page limit(closes #25274)Remita Amine
2020-05-14[youtube] Add support for (#25226)Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado
2020-05-14[] flake8 HTTPS URL (#25230)TotalCaesar659
2020-05-14[mailru] Fix extraction (closes #24530) (#25239)comsomisha
2020-05-14[bbccouk] PEP8Sergey M․
2020-05-12[spike] fix Bellator mgid extraction(closes #25195)Remita Amine
2020-05-08release 2020.05.082020.05.08Sergey M․
2020-05-08[ChangeLog] ActualizeSergey M․
2020-05-08[youtube] Improve signature cipher extraction (closes #25188)Sergey M․
2020-05-06[iprima] Improve extraction (closes #25138)Sergey M․
2020-05-05[downloader/http] Request last data block of exact remaining sizeSergey M․
2020-05-05[downloader/http] Finish downloading once received data length matches expectedSergey M․
2020-05-05[uol] fix extraction(closes #22007)Remita Amine
2020-05-05[orf] Add support for more radio stations (closes #24938) (#24968)hh0rva1h