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2008-10-31Ability to time-offset new log
2008-07-03New feature: Report -> Work/Slacking stats in Spreadsheetmg
2008-06-11Another patch by Gaute Amundsen: allow people to disable the office hours bymg
2008-06-11Only hide the main window on close if we actually have a tray
2008-06-11Instead of closing the main window, hide it and keep gtimelog running in themg
2008-06-10Apply patch from Gaute Amundsen to show time spent at the
2008-06-10Fix duplicate choices in themg
2008-04-22Extract UI initialisation into a separate method (__init__ was too big).mg
2008-04-22Add View ->
2008-04-22Add Help -> Online
2008-04-22Use a stock item for Help ->
2008-04-22Skip entries with three asterisks from
2008-04-22Since test stopped working for no explicable reason, add a top-levelmg
2008-04-22Update copyright year in the About
2008-04-22Open and save the glade file with glade-3, without actually making any
2008-04-22Restructure the source tree: move everything essential into src/ and everythingmg