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2011-09-20* Fix two crashes when using GI. Given by Martin Pitt.Barry Warsaw
2011-09-20GI: add backwards compat code for TAB_ALIGN fixMartin Pitt
2011-09-20GI: add missing "gi" importMartin Pitt
2011-09-20GI: it is really pango.TabAlign.LEFT, not pango.TabAlign.TAB_LEFT, the latter...Martin Pitt
2011-08-23Bump version number.Barry Warsaw
2011-08-17Ctrl-Q now quits.Barry Warsaw
2011-08-17* Fix UnboundLocalErrorBarry Warsaw
2011-08-17also move to GI GObject module, to work with pygobject 3.0Martin Pitt
2011-07-08fix pango.TabAlign constant for current PangoMartin Pitt
2011-05-27set_up_log_view_columns(): Ensure that log_view is realizedMartin Pitt
2011-05-18Support GTK3Martin Pitt
2011-03-02Update require_version() call to current pygobject API.Martin Pitt
2011-02-10Don't actually hide the main window when there's no tray icon.Marius Gedminas
2011-02-10Hide the main window on Escape.Marius Gedminas
2011-02-02fix appindicator creationMartin Pitt
2011-02-01Bump version to 0.6.0dev.Marius Gedminas
2011-02-01Add "Quick" back to the application indicator menu.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-31Refactor PyGTK/PyGI application indicator support.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-29tighten up AppIndicator creation exceptionsMartin Pitt
2011-01-29swap pygtk/GI import attemptsMartin Pitt
2011-01-29don't overload 'pygtk' as module and as flagMartin Pitt
2011-01-28merge trunkMartin Pitt
2011-01-28use uppercase constantsMartin Pitt
2011-01-28eliminate two pygtk if conditionsMartin Pitt
2011-01-28Post-release version bumpMarius Gedminas
2011-01-28Prepare to release Gedminas
2011-01-28Application Indicator menu now has a CheckMenuItem "Show GTimelog".Marius Gedminas
2011-01-28Bugfix: always preserve the order of entries, even when they have the sameMarius Gedminas
2011-01-28remove test codeMartin Pitt
2011-01-28make work with both pygtk and GIMartin Pitt
2011-01-28Update GtkTextBuffer API for recent pygobject fixMartin Pitt
2011-01-27Port from PyGTK to GI.Martin Pitt
2011-01-20Alternative weekly and monthly report style, can be chosen by addingMarius Gedminas
2011-01-19Merged trunk.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-14Ellipsis after "Report for a Previous Day/Week/Month..." menu items.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-14Show week numbers in popup calendars.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-14Acknowledge in the About box that I'm not the only author!Marius Gedminas
2011-01-14The tasks pane can be toggled by pressing F9 and has a close button.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-11Fix daily report invocation.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Add setting 'report_style'.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Fix Weekly Report invocation.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Fix display of '-' line.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Compact display of categories by time.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Move all reports into class Reports.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Add a monthly categorized report.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Add category time summary sorted by time spent.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-10Daily reports include totals by category.Laurynas Speičys
2011-01-10Add new style weekly reports.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-10Add categories to daily reports.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-09Update changelog, increment version number to 0.5.0dev.Marius Gedminas