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2019-08-05The next version will be 0.12Marius Gedminas
2019-04-23Back to development: 0.11.4Marius Gedminas
2019-04-23Preparing release Gedminas
2018-11-03Back to development: 0.11.3Marius Gedminas
2018-11-03Preparing release Gedminas
2018-07-18Back to development: 0.11.2Marius Gedminas
2018-07-18Preparing release Gedminas
2017-12-16Back to development: 0.11.1Marius Gedminas
2017-12-16Preparing release 0.110.11Marius Gedminas
2015-09-13Document the new things, bump version to 0.11Marius Gedminas
2014-03-18Update version number and ChangelogJack Leigh
2013-12-23Post-release version bumpMarius Gedminas
2013-12-23Prepare to release Gedminas
2013-12-04Post-release version bumpMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Prepare to release Gedminas
2013-05-10New custom date range report by Rohan Mitchell.Marius Gedminas
2013-02-10Post-release version bumpMarius Gedminas
2013-02-10Prepare to release 0.8.1Marius Gedminas
2012-08-24Post-release version bumpMarius Gedminas
2012-08-24Prepare to release 0.8.0Marius Gedminas
2012-02-01Next version is going to be 0.8.0.Marius Gedminas
2012-02-01Post-release version bumpMarius Gedminas
2012-02-01Preparing to release 0.7.1.Marius Gedminas
2012-01-31Bump version number, since this is not 0.7.0 any more.Marius Gedminas
2011-09-21Start of 0.7.0.Barry Warsaw
2011-09-20Release 0.6.1Barry Warsaw
2011-08-23Bump version number.Barry Warsaw
2011-02-01Bump version to 0.6.0dev.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-28Post-release version bumpMarius Gedminas
2011-01-28Prepare to release 0.5.0Marius Gedminas
2011-01-09Update changelog, increment version number to 0.5.0dev.Marius Gedminas
2010-09-03Post-release version bumpMarius Gedminas
2010-09-03Release 0.4.0.Marius Gedminas
2010-07-22Post-release version bumpMarius Gedminas
2010-07-22Release 0.3.2Marius Gedminas
2009-12-18Post-release version bump.Marius Gedminas
2009-12-18Release 0.3.1.Marius Gedminas
2009-12-17Post-release version bump.Marius Gedminas
2009-12-17Release version 0.3.Marius Gedminas
2009-12-17Move the version out of and into the package itself.Marius Gedminas
2008-04-22Restructure the source tree: move everything essential into src/ and everythingMarius Gedminas