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2015-09-09New website address: https://gtimelog.orgMarius Gedminas
2014-12-02Disable tray icon by default for new usersMarius Gedminas
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2014-09-28Fix TypeError in summary view on Python 3 (#26)Marius Gedminas
2014-09-21Fix 'LocaleError: unknown encoding:' on Mac OS XMarius Gedminas
2014-09-09Mention the requirement for glib >= 2.40Marius Gedminas
2014-09-08Resurrect --quitMarius Gedminas
2014-09-08Resurrect --toggleMarius Gedminas
2014-09-08Fix --help to show our extra options (#24)Marius Gedminas
2014-09-03Update current task time when autoreloading (GH: #23)Marius Gedminas
2014-09-03Fix Unicode error on PageUp/PageDown (#22)Marius Gedminas
2014-09-03Speed up entry addition (#21)Marius Gedminas
2014-09-03Fix UnicodeWarning when adding non-ASCII text (#20)Marius Gedminas
2014-09-03Note a regression about --helpMarius Gedminas
2014-03-19Mention that Python 2.6 didn't work for a whileMarius Gedminas
2014-03-19Merge pull request #12 from leighman/gtk3Marius Gedminas
2014-03-18Document loss of Python 2.6 supportJack Leigh
2014-03-18Update version number and ChangelogJack Leigh
2014-03-18Update changelogMarius Gedminas
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2013-12-24Make work on Python 3 reliablyMarius Gedminas
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2013-12-04Prepare to release Gedminas
2013-12-04Better PyPI pageMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Declare Python 3.3 supportMarius Gedminas
2013-12-01Add back Python 2.6 supportMarius Gedminas
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