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2018-11-03Preparing release Gedminas
2018-11-02Remove helpMarius Gedminas
2018-07-18Preparing release Gedminas
2017-12-19Update MANIFEST.inMarius Gedminas
2017-12-16Move help into the package treeMarius Gedminas
2017-12-16Fix make distcheck complaining about .gitattributesMarius Gedminas
2017-12-16Move translations into the package treeMarius Gedminas
2017-12-16Include gschemas.compiled in the package dataMarius Gedminas
2017-12-16Include the gtimelog.tests package properlyMarius Gedminas
2017-12-16Make the sdist completeMarius Gedminas
2017-12-16Move CONTRIBUTORS.rst into the package treeMarius Gedminas
2017-09-10Make pip installed gtimelog workMarius Gedminas
2015-09-13Update MANIFEST.inMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Prepare to release Gedminas
2013-12-04Include the licence in the manifestMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Update documentationMarius Gedminas
2013-12-01Add a .travis.ymlMarius Gedminas
2013-11-27Rename *.txt to *.rstMarius Gedminas
2011-01-09Update file lists in and with file changes (.glade -> .ui).Marius Gedminas
2009-12-18Add a Makefile, primarily for 'make distcheck'. Add a, makeMarius Gedminas