AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-23Prepare to release Gedminas
2013-12-23Makefile rules for building man pagesMarius Gedminas
2013-12-23Tweak formatting, document tasks.txtMarius Gedminas
2013-12-23Completely document the config fileMarius Gedminas
2013-12-08Fix --debug message about tray icon prefsMarius Gedminas
2013-12-08Swap two debug messagesMarius Gedminas
2013-12-08Make the test more reliableMarius Gedminas
2013-12-07Remove executable bits from scriptsMarius Gedminas
2013-12-07Flesh out the format description of timelog.txtMarius Gedminas
2013-12-07Merge pull request #2 from warsaw/clean-upstreamMarius Gedminas
2013-12-06Move the debian/ directory out of the git tree for a cleaner upstream.Barry Warsaw
2013-12-06Move reST manpages up a level since they aren't Debian specific.Barry Warsaw
2013-12-05Merge pull request #1 from warsaw/masterMarius Gedminas
2013-12-05Use the reST manpage instead.Barry Warsaw
2013-12-05Resolve conflicts.Barry Warsaw
2013-12-05Merge branch '0.9.0debian'Barry Warsaw
2013-12-05gtimelog (0.9.0-1) unstable; urgency=lowBarry Warsaw
2013-12-04Add the debian subdirectoryMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Post-release version bumpMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Prepare to release Gedminas
2013-12-04Check git logs and my mail archives for contributorsMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Linkify references to other filesMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Better PyPI pageMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Include the licence in the manifestMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Rename LICENSE.txt to COPYINGMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Add a licenceMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Update documentationMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Add a screenshot to the repositoryMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Enable Python 3.3 Travis buildsMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Explicitly use /usr/bin/python for the wrapper scriptMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Declare Python 3.3 supportMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Fix CSV on Python 3Marius Gedminas
2013-12-04Unicode/str differencesMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Python 3 syntax fixes for main.pyMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Don't sort lists containing NoneMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Filelike.write() returns a number on Python 3Marius Gedminas
2013-12-04Avoid NamedTemporaryFileMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Avoid calling file(), also use with to close itMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Avoid print statementsMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04The ConfigParser module was renamed in Python 3Marius Gedminas
2013-12-04You cannot sort dict views in Python 3Marius Gedminas
2013-12-04Make the tests compatible with Python 3Marius Gedminas
2013-12-04Avoid execfile() in setup.pyMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Tentatively mention Python 2.6 supportMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Improve test coverage for timelog.TaskListMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Improve test coverage for timelog.TimeWindowMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Use with statement instead of try/finallyMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Add a .coveragercMarius Gedminas
2013-12-04Improve test coverage for settings.pyMarius Gedminas
2013-12-01Add Travis status badge, some other minor tweaksMarius Gedminas