AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-01-28Prepare to release Gedminas
2011-01-28Application Indicator menu now has a CheckMenuItem "Show GTimelog".Marius Gedminas
2011-01-28Bugfix: always preserve the order of entries, even when they have the sameMarius Gedminas
2011-01-20Alternative weekly and monthly report style, can be chosen by addingMarius Gedminas
2011-01-19Merged trunk.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-14Ellipsis after "Report for a Previous Day/Week/Month..." menu items.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-14Show week numbers in popup calendars.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-14Acknowledge in the About box that I'm not the only author!Marius Gedminas
2011-01-14The tasks pane can be toggled by pressing F9 and has a close button.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-11Fix daily report invocation.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Add setting 'report_style'.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Fix Weekly Report invocation.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Fix display of '-' line.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Compact display of categories by time.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Move all reports into class Reports.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Add a monthly categorized report.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-11Add category time summary sorted by time spent.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-10Daily reports include totals by category.Laurynas Speičys
2011-01-10Add new style weekly reports.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-10Add categories to daily reports.Laurynas Speicys
2011-01-09Update file lists in and with file changes (.glade -> .ui).Marius Gedminas
2011-01-09Update changelog, increment version number to 0.5.0dev.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-09New option: start_in_tray. New command-line option: --tray.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-09Made GTimeLog a single instance application.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-08Hack to detect theme color and use either a bright or a dark tray icon.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-08Bugfix: closing the main window with Alt+F4 didn't update app indicator's menu.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-08Support Ubuntu's application indicators.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-08New option: prefer_app_indicator. Defaults to True.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-08Hide the irrelevant "Show/Hide" item in the app indicator's menu.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-08Use my icon.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-08Use gtk.StatusIcon by default instead of the old and deprecated EggTrayIcon.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-08Mention that python-gnome2-extras was replaced by python-eggtrayicon.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-08Avoid deprecated gtk.Tooltips.Marius Gedminas
2011-01-08Switch from Glade to GtkBuilder. Fixes strange theme problems (LP: #644393)Marius Gedminas
2011-01-08Add some documentation for contributors.Marius Gedminas
2010-09-22- Use an icon that looks better with the Ambiance theme on Ubuntu.Jamu Kakar
2010-09-03Post-release version bumpMarius Gedminas
2010-09-03Release Gedminas
2010-09-03Mention application name in desktop file, to avoid name clashes with Hamster.Marius Gedminas
2010-09-02* Recognize $GTIMELOG_HOME environment variable to use something other thanBarry Warsaw
2010-09-02* Added configuration variable 'chronological' to control initial view ofBarry Warsaw
2010-09-02* Added configuration variable 'chronological' to control initial view ofBarry Warsaw
2010-09-02fixesBarry Warsaw
2010-09-02* Recognize $GTIMELOG_HOME environment variable to use something other thanBarry Warsaw
2010-07-22Post-release version bumpMarius Gedminas
2010-07-22Release Gedminas
2010-07-22Add a helpful tip on using Thunderbird, thanks to Daniel Kraft.Marius Gedminas
2010-07-22Use xdg-open by default for editing timelog.txt and opening spreadsheets.Marius Gedminas
2010-07-22Change default mailer to quote the command passed to x-terminal-emulator -e.Marius Gedminas
2010-07-22Double-clicking a category in task list tries hard to focus the input boxMarius Gedminas