AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-12-16Release version Gedminas
2009-01-10Use gui_scripts rather than console_scripts. AFAIU it only matters on
2008-11-07Post-release version
2008-11-07Release version
2008-11-07Documentation for the time/offset
2008-10-31Ability to time-offset new log
2008-07-03New feature: Report -> Work/Slacking stats in Spreadsheetmg
2008-06-11Another patch by Gaute Amundsen: allow people to disable the office hours bymg
2008-06-11Only hide the main window on close if we actually have a tray
2008-06-11Instead of closing the main window, hide it and keep gtimelog running in themg
2008-06-10Oops! Almost forgot to mention the newest contributor in the
2008-06-10Apply patch from Gaute Amundsen to show time spent at the
2008-06-10Fix duplicate choices in themg
2008-06-10Forgot to commit this when I released 0.2.2 a while
2008-06-10Remove deprecated
2008-04-22Try to get a saner Cheeseshop
2008-04-22Include the first section of NEWS.txt in the cheeseshop
2008-04-22Add a
2008-04-22Extract UI initialisation into a separate method (__init__ was too big).mg
2008-04-22Add View ->
2008-04-22Remove TODO.txt: everything that is not obsolete or ill-defined and notmg
2008-04-22Add Help -> Online
2008-04-22Use a stock item for Help ->
2008-04-22Bump version number, given the bugfix ofmg
2008-04-22Skip entries with three asterisks from
2008-04-22Since test stopped working for no explicable reason, add a top-levelmg
2008-04-22Update copyright year in the About
2008-04-22Open and save the glade file with glade-3, without actually making any
2008-04-22Ignore 'build' directory created by distutils/
2008-04-22Add a script to run GTimeLog from the source checkout, without installing
2008-04-22Remove ad-hoc script for building tarballs -- I now use python sdistmg
2008-04-22Restructure the source tree: move everything essential into src/ and everythingmg
2007-12-11Add Ctrl+E as a shortcut for File -> Edit timelog.txt (suggested by Kees Cook).mg
2007-11-23Note that our dependencies can't be easy_installed
2007-11-23Add a setup script. It produces the ugliest egg ever, but at least it'smg
2007-11-10Olivier CrĂȘte discovered that monthly reports are broken for November and sendmg
2007-11-06Dafydd Harries kindly sent me a test for the monthly report feature hemg
2007-10-30Patch by Harald Friessnegger to accept a -f argument to (rewritten amg
2007-06-08Sort the categories
2007-06-08Dafydd Harries sent a patch to fix a bug (KeyError) for an older patch of
2007-05-11Apply patch by Dafydd Harries to add monthly
2007-03-20Update TODO
2007-03-20Add stuff to TODO
2007-01-21Fix a silly, silly
2007-01-19Add --sample-config