AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-29Release Gedminas
2015-09-29Claim Python 3.5 supportMarius Gedminas
2015-05-20No-change Glade file load-and-saveMarius Gedminas
2015-05-20Stop using deprecated GObject.timeout_add_secondsMarius Gedminas
2015-05-20Stop using deprectated GtkToolButton:stock-idMarius Gedminas
2015-05-20Replace deprecated GTK+ containersMarius Gedminas
2015-05-20Bump required GTK+ version to 3.10Marius Gedminas
2015-05-20Remove some deprecated features from the UI fileMarius Gedminas
2015-05-20Fix Close button label in the task paneMarius Gedminas
2015-05-20Fix Home button labelMarius Gedminas
2015-05-20Remove deprecated xpad property from .ui fileMarius Gedminas
2015-05-20No-change load-and-save in Glade 3.18Marius Gedminas
2015-05-18Remove dead code: support for "estimated" columnMarius Gedminas
2015-05-18Tests for iCalendar generationMarius Gedminas
2015-05-18Make sure tox -e coverage fails when tests failMarius Gedminas
2015-05-18Test coverage: entry parsing with '***'Marius Gedminas
2015-05-18Exclude GUI code from coverage metricsMarius Gedminas
2015-05-18Make 'make coverage' combine Python 2 and 3 coverageMarius Gedminas
2015-05-18Compute accurate coverage numbersMarius Gedminas
2015-05-12Fix exit status of 'make coverage' w/o diff-coverMarius Gedminas
2015-05-12Use the faster container-based Travis infrastructureMarius Gedminas
2015-05-12Install freezegun in the Travis environmentMarius Gedminas
2015-05-12Accept more corrections after midnightMarius Gedminas
2015-05-12Test another corner case in correction parsingMarius Gedminas
2015-05-12Fix ValueError on entering "xx:60 anything"Marius Gedminas
2015-05-12Accept corrections after midnightMarius Gedminas
2015-05-12Refactoring: extract method TimeLog.parse_correction()Marius Gedminas
2015-05-12Tests for TimeLog.valid_time()Marius Gedminas
2015-05-12Minor refactoringMarius Gedminas
2015-04-21Typo in alt textMarius Gedminas
2015-04-09Make it possible to use py.testMarius Gedminas
2015-04-09Minor nitsMarius Gedminas
2015-04-09Playing with the README layoutMarius Gedminas
2015-04-09Add PyPI and Coveralls badgesMarius Gedminas
2015-04-09Merge pull request #34 from amigadave/masterMarius Gedminas
2015-04-09Add AppData fileDavid King
2015-03-26Use twine to upload to PyPI, securelyMarius Gedminas
2014-12-02Disable tray icon by default for new usersMarius Gedminas
2014-12-02Drop the unused prefer_old_tray_icon settingMarius Gedminas
2014-12-02Invert the icon contrast selection logicMarius Gedminas
2014-12-02Print GTK+ theme name if --debug is enabledMarius Gedminas
2014-11-28Mention the bugfix in the changelogMarius Gedminas
2014-11-28Fix Python 3 compatibilityMarius Gedminas
2014-11-28Make entry addition fast againMarius Gedminas
2014-11-28Make 'pip install -e .' workMarius Gedminas
2014-11-28Bugfix: appending an entry didn't update total work doneMarius Gedminas
2014-11-28Tell flake8 to look inside doctestsMarius Gedminas
2014-11-28Use textwrap.dedent() in tests for readabilityMarius Gedminas
2014-11-28PEP-8Marius Gedminas
2014-11-04Prettier temporary file namesMarius Gedminas