AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-11Update copyright yearHEADmasterMarius Gedminas
2020-10-11Update translationsMarius Gedminas
2020-10-11Typos in changelogMarius Gedminas
2020-10-11Cleaned up makefile, added 'make help', newer release.mkMarius Gedminas
2020-10-09I overlooked another Python version checkMarius Gedminas
2020-10-09Update to newer flatpak runtimeMarius Gedminas
2020-10-09Merge pull request #194 from StephaneMangin/python2_removal_continuedMarius Gedminas
2020-10-08Removes codecs, io file opening, __future__StephaneMangin
2020-10-08Skip misleading "settings migrated" messageMarius Gedminas
2020-10-08Fix warning on startupMarius Gedminas
2020-10-07Use isort to sort imports automaticallyMarius Gedminas
2020-10-05Fix error in Travis coverage jobMarius Gedminas
2020-10-05Drop Python 3.5 supportMarius Gedminas
2020-10-05coverage-python-version is no longer neededMarius Gedminas
2020-10-05Back to 100% coverage, enforce it in Travis CIMarius Gedminas
2020-10-05Merge pull request #192 from andrewshadura/split-secretsMarius Gedminas
2020-10-05Move keyring and secret handling into a separate moduleAndrej Shadura
2020-10-05Move require_version to a separate utils moduleAndrej Shadura
2020-10-05Merge pull request #191 from andrewshadura/spellingMarius Gedminas
2020-10-04Fix spelling mistakesAndrej Shadura
2020-10-03Merge pull request #190 from StephaneMangin/patch-1Marius Gedminas
2020-10-02Proposing my name as a french translation contributorSt├ęphane Mangin
2020-09-25Merge pull request #188 from andrewshadura/masterMarius Gedminas
2020-09-24Drop Python 2 supportAndrej Shadura
2020-08-27Clean the po filesMarius Gedminas
2020-08-18Merge pull request #184 from jeblad/translate-norwegian-bokmalMarius Gedminas
2020-08-18Merge pull request #183 from StephaneMangin/french_translationMarius Gedminas
2020-08-08Add french translationSt├ęphane Mangin
2020-08-08po: translation for Norwegian BokmalJohn Erling Blad
2020-05-16Run flake8 in a separate Travis jobMarius Gedminas
2020-05-16New flake8 brings new warningsMarius Gedminas
2020-05-02Merge pull request #180 from codingforfun/fix_attribute_errorMarius Gedminas
2020-05-01[FIX] Attribute error if `timelog` or `tasks` member have not yet been initia...Peter Hahn
2020-05-01Merge pull request #181 from codingforfun/strip_categoryMarius Gedminas
2020-05-01Strip spaces from category and taskPeter Hahn
2020-04-17Update lt translationsMarius Gedminas
2020-04-17Merge pull request #177 from christianlupus/dev/overtimeMarius Gedminas
2020-04-15Removed unneeded lineChristian Wolf
2020-04-15Added comment to footer to calculate the real overtimeChristian Wolf
2020-03-06Merge pull request #174 from ericzolf/ericzolf-add-fedora-dnfMarius Gedminas
2020-03-06Add Fedora as source of gtimelog packageEric L
2020-01-07coverage 5.0.2 fixes the problem!Marius Gedminas
2020-01-02Pin to older coverage version until the bug is fixedMarius Gedminas
2019-10-22Install Python 3.8 on AppveyorMarius Gedminas
2019-10-16Travis has 3.8 nowMarius Gedminas
2019-10-15No Python 3.8 on Travis CI yetMarius Gedminas
2019-10-15No Python 3.8 on Appveyor yetMarius Gedminas
2019-10-15Python 3.8 ignores $HOME on WindowsMarius Gedminas
2019-10-15Modernize appveyor.ymlMarius Gedminas
2019-10-15Add Python 3.8 supportMarius Gedminas