BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate copyright yearMarius Gedminas2 years
0.11.3commit 45f573b15d...Marius Gedminas4 years
upstream/0.11.2commit 52078ac3ea...Marius Gedminas4 years
0.11.2commit 07d1a5efef...Marius Gedminas4 years
0.11.1commit 7561b3a82c...Marius Gedminas4 years
0.11commit 0d36ec7d56...Marius Gedminas5 years
0.10.3commit 5962cf4665...Marius Gedminas6 years
0.10.2commit b03ec5f18a...Marius Gedminas6 years
0.10.1commit 1d97eb99bb...Marius Gedminas6 years
upstream/0.10.0commit 37a138198f...Barry Warsaw7 years
0.10.0commit 7ed2060c71...Marius Gedminas7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-07-22Release Gedminas
2010-07-22Add a helpful tip on using Thunderbird, thanks to Daniel Kraft.Marius Gedminas
2010-07-22Use xdg-open by default for editing timelog.txt and opening spreadsheets.Marius Gedminas
2010-07-22Change default mailer to quote the command passed to x-terminal-emulator -e.Marius Gedminas
2010-07-22Double-clicking a category in task list tries hard to focus the input boxMarius Gedminas
2010-03-06Clean up the normal-sized icon, add a large version (256x256).Živilė Gedminaitė
2010-03-03New icons. I like the small one; the big one maybe needs some work.Marius Gedminas
2010-01-26Add Laurynas to contributors.Marius Gedminas
2010-01-26Weekly report prints out time spent per category like monthly reports do.Marius Gedminas
2010-01-18Move repeated code into a method.laurynas