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2022-03-16Fix link to Merchant of Venice in indexJosias
2022-03-16Add The Merchant of VeniceJosias
2022-02-06Add Kropotkin's "An Appeal to the Young"Josias
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2022-01-24Fix name, file size, and copyright infoJosias
2022-01-24Add the orthodox wayJosias
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2021-12-28economy: add Conquest of BreadJosias
2021-12-03Add clear license to keep changes in the public domainJosias
2021-12-01shakespeare: julius_casesar: fix headings in contentsJosias
2021-12-01shakespeare: julius_caesar: add headings for scenesJosias
2021-11-27Add link to git repoJosias
2021-11-27shakespeare: update index for Julius CaesarJosias
2021-11-27shakespeare: add Julius CaesarJosias
2021-11-27shakespeare: hamlet: use heading for metaJosias
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2021-11-24economy: add Adam Smith's Wealth of NationsJosias
2021-11-24Add biblesJosias
2021-11-24Fix link to Hamlet in Shakespeare's indexJosias
2021-11-24Add minor navigationJosias
2021-11-24Initial commit - add Hamlet and IndexJosias