AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
30 hoursFix cast warning and add -WerrorHEADmasterJosias
30 hoursReturn path to temp file on failed allocationJosias
10 daysUse localtime for timestampsJosias
2022-05-06Update copyright in version subcommandJosias
2022-05-06write: improve word counterJosias
2022-05-05search: punctuations also end hashtagJosias
2022-05-02Update license yearsJosias
2022-05-02Use strcpy over strcat in cache_pathJosias
2022-05-02Add search_list_hashtags to list all hashtags in a notebookJosias
2022-04-19Add bash completionsJosias
2021-11-24search: fix memory leak when loading filesJosias
2021-11-23search: change struct result to search_resultJosias
2021-07-29Fix loading notebooksJosias
2021-07-29Add list command to help textJosias
2021-07-29Add list commandJosias
2021-07-24Fix command not found error for existing commandsJosias
2021-07-20Differentiate lacking arguments and command not foundJosias
2021-06-27search: ignore lines in post.txt that contain "#"Josias
2021-06-27Print number of search results when searching postsJosias
2021-03-01README: add nb to list of similar softwareJosias
2021-01-08README: Update path to config fileJosias
2020-12-26Makefile: Use more compiler warningsJosias
2020-12-26Add a program-wide configurationJosias
2020-10-13Multi-directory postsJosias
2020-10-13Remove stats from help infoJosias
2020-10-13Improve code formatting for help and version functionsJosias
2020-10-13Give descriptive development version numbersJosias
2020-10-13Improve extracting first_textJosias
2020-10-13Fix imports in notebook.cJosias
2020-10-13Remove tinydirJosias
2020-10-13Update search to use new cache schemeJosias
2020-10-13Update cache and posts.txt to just be a list of filenamesJosias
2020-10-13Remove stats featureJosias
2020-10-13Clean up headersJosias
2020-10-13Remove SPDX license identifiersJosias
2020-10-13Add notebook configurationJosias
2020-10-05Fix formatting in search.cJosias
2020-10-05Add jrny to similar softwareJosias
2020-10-05Add stats featureJosias
2020-10-05Add jrnl to similar softwareJosias
2020-09-30Return failure when notebook_new failsJosias
2020-09-24Allocate file_size + 1Josias
2020-09-24Change write to write_postJosias
2020-09-23Update README TODO and wordingJosias
2020-09-23Use default text editor instead of custom line readerJosias
2020-09-22Remove cleanup_textJosias
2020-09-22Remove extra / in pathsJosias
2020-09-22Print help and version information to stdoutJosias
2020-08-14Preliminary Windows support (directory separators)Josias
2020-08-14Add full_path functionJosias