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2021-10-27Merge branch 'search-fix' of
2021-04-15Swap GUS for geminispace.infosario528
2021-01-03'url n' prints URL of item nCallum Brown
2020-09-03Fix another hasty cache hack bug.Solderpunk
2020-09-01Ignore the cache when reloading a page.Solderpunk
2020-09-01Add option to disable caching.Solderpunk
2020-09-01Count cache hits in black box output.Solderpunk
2020-08-31Make sure early terminations of _fetch_over_network happen via an exception, ...Solderpunk
2020-08-31Fix variable name bug introduced by hasty hacking of cache system.Solderpunk
2020-08-30Turn some magic numbers into constants.Solderpunk
2020-08-30Initial implementation of short-term caching.Solderpunk
2020-08-30Remove more transient client certificate stuff.Solderpunk
2020-08-30Visually distinguish non-Gemini links from Gemini links.Solderpunk
2020-08-30Permit use of ~ in key/cert files.Solderpunk
2020-08-18Stop treating transient client certificates as a special case.Solderpunk
2020-08-18Make default MIME handlers more generic.Solderpunk
2020-08-18Use proper handler resolution logic for the text/gemini case (so that setting...Solderpunk
2020-08-18Error out if a URL attempts to redirect to itself.Solderpunk
2020-08-18Rename handle_index handle_gemtext, for clarity. It should have been called ...Solderpunk
2020-08-14Fix some bugs in the 'cert' UIgovynnus
2020-08-11Use correct handler for text/gemini content.Solderpunk
2020-06-14ACTUALLY fix time conversion bug as attempted in 76d7d, grumble, grumble...Solderpunk
2020-06-13Bump version for development.Solderpunk
2020-06-13Release 1.0.1.v1.0.1Solderpunk
2020-06-13Fix time conversion bug in blackbox command.Solderpunk
2020-06-13Standardize abbrevs formattingVee
2020-06-09Don't choke on non gopher/gemini/http(s) links. Closes #18.Solderpunk
2020-06-08Check that a file exists before trying to delete it. Rare errors can cause c...Solderpunk
2020-06-08Bump version for development.Solderpunk
2020-06-07Cut 1.0.0!v1.0.0Solderpunk
2020-06-07Add docstrings for client cert methods.Solderpunk
2020-06-07Support new status code 11.Solderpunk
2020-06-07Recognise quote line type.Solderpunk
2020-06-07Update recognition of list item lines to match recent spec update.Solderpunk
2020-06-07Do not strip non-breaking spaces from advanced line types.Solderpunk
2020-06-04Permit use of ECDSA.Solderpunk
2020-06-02Add dancek to contributors, sort contributors alphabetically.Solderpunk
2020-06-01Add gemini:// support directly to urllib.parseHannu Hartikainen
2020-05-31Do not read more than the maximum number of bytes in a valid response header.Solderpunk
2020-05-31Don't crash when buggy servers send no header at all.Solderpunk
2020-05-31Arglblargl *actually* fix redirects.Solderpunk
2020-05-31Fix redirect logic.Solderpunk
2020-05-31Fix cross-domain redirect warning, and add cross-protocol redirect warning.Solderpunk
2020-05-31Make openssl binary calls compatible with LibreSSL.Solderpunk
2020-05-31Cipher hardening.Solderpunk
2020-05-28Use current UTC time for comparison against certificate validity. Closes #14...Solderpunk
2020-05-27Add `abbrevs` commandVee
2020-05-27Another silly bug fix, closes #12.Solderpunk
2020-05-27Fix silly copy/paste bug. Closes #11.Solderpunk
2020-05-23Correctly test individual names, not Common Name over and over.Solderpunk