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2022-05-13gemlog: add RelativismHEADmasterJosias
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2022-05-01gemlog: add longform to indexJosias
2022-05-01gemlog: add longform.gmiJosias
2022-04-30bookmarks: add Two Ways of Looking at a PoemJosias
2022-04-19gemlog: add old post, "Re: on sanctions"Josias
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2022-04-15gemlog: update wording for "Overwhelmed"Josias
2022-04-15scratch: add test.txtJosias
2022-04-12notion: add poem "Freedom"Josias
2022-04-09notion: fix datesJosias
2022-04-09notion: add "Night" and "Time"Josias
2022-04-07notion: add "Thoughts"Josias
2022-04-06notion: add "Tomrrow" to indexJosias
2022-04-06notion: add haiku "Tomorrow"Josias
2022-04-06notion: add date to "Inevitable"Josias
2022-04-05notion: add poem "Inevitable"Josias
2022-04-03notino: add "Game" and update indexJosias
2022-04-02gemlog: fix date for GloPoWriMoJosias
2022-04-02gemlog: add "GloPoWriMo 2022"Josias
2022-04-02notion: add date to divisionJosias
2022-04-02notion: add division to indexJosias
2022-04-02notion: add poem "Division"Josias
2022-04-02notion: add dream to indexJosias
2022-04-01notion: add "Dream"Josias
2022-03-27shakespeare: fix index link in HamletJosias
2022-03-27shakespeare: update hamletJosias
2022-03-27Add Shakespeare to indexJosias
2022-03-27Add shakespeare page, with HamletJosias
2022-03-23Add PGP public keyJosias
2022-03-02gemlog: link to the promptJosias
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2022-03-01story: add "The Prompt" and RHI categoryJosias
2022-02-22Add security.txtJosias
2022-02-19quotes: add liberation is a habitJosias
2022-02-16index: remove and encourage note@josias.devJosias
2022-02-16gemlog: add "Just Write" post from Web LogJosias
2022-02-15Use replies folder for replies to other postsJosias
2022-02-09caproll: remove gerikson, confused him with someone else on FediJosias
2022-02-09caproll: add sl1200's capsulitaJosias
2022-02-06gemlog: fix word in pseudonymsJosias
2022-02-05index: add philosophy infoJosias
2022-02-05caproll: add neolithic.lifeJosias
2022-02-05caproll: reorganize linksJosias
2022-02-05gemlog: pseudonyms, editsJosias
2022-02-05gemlog: update rainJosias
2022-02-05gemlog: add pseudonyms to feedJosias
2022-02-05gemlog: add pseudonymsJosias
2022-02-05gemlog: pseudonyms, draft 3Josias
2022-02-05gemlog: pseudonyms, draft 2Josias