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I don't need it right now. Hello to everyone reading this in the future! This page may or may not currently represent my views.
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-# Politics
-A summary of my political positions, perpetually in progress. Many of these positions are considered "extreme", but I do believe incrimental progress can and should be made.
-* The economy: should be run primarily for the benefit of all somehow, not as a side effect of each person's self interest.
-* Government: should be non-coercive and organized by consentual agreement.
-* Healthcare: should be available for whoever needs it, regardless of ability to pay.
-* Necessities: which are constantly changing in the world, should be available to everyone unilaterally. Universal needs must be universally met.
-* Gender/sexuality: people should be able to identify themselves however they want, and legally be recognized as such where applicable. (Overall legal status based on gender should probably be removed)
-* Police: should be abolished in the long term, defunded pragmatically in the short term.
-* Borders: should be abolished. People should have a right to free migration.
-* Military: should be abolished in the long term, defunded in the short term in favor of social programs.
-* Justice: should not be revenge. We should seek to make things right rather than to punish offenders of a certain set of laws. Disobeying a law is not enough cause for punishment, there must be a victim. For example, legalization of drugs should be retroactive, freeing previous conficts.
-* Copyright: should be abolished. It stifles creativity and requires absurd means to enforce it. In a world where everyone's needs are provided, there will be no "starving artists."
-* Absentee ownership: should be mostly abolished. It is most often a mean of oppressing others and breeds inequality based on ownership rather than merit.
-=> Inspired by devurandom's webpage.