forks/AV-98A fork of the AV-98 Gemini client merging in some useful patches 10 months
josias.netA website devoted to Josias 2 months
sci-hub-injectorAdds SciHub links to popular publisher websites 7 months
capsuleMy geminispace at gemini:// 3 hours
mirror/youtube-dlRIAA can't stop the sharing of free software 11 months
ugcliUltimate Guitar CLI for downloading tabs and converting them into plaintext 10 months
fiftha basic forth interpreter that compiles to wasm 6 months
librarya collection of public domain works for Gemini
gmi2rssa gemfeed to rss converter for gemlogs 10 months
gemini/gmi2rssa gemfeed to rss converter for gemlogs 10 months
forks/ziggettya simple zig web server 11 months
gemini/gemurlcURL-like utility for Gemini 4 months
rccatcat with colors 11 months
jwcli microjournaling tool 12 days
mirror/gtimelogmirror: time management software 11 months
blogmy website and blog 11 months
onlinemy website compiled with Zola 13 days
oistossearch engine redirector 11 months
accspyserver software for spyware/accountability 11 months
zigcursessimple tui library in zig 11 months
blockbreaksmall blockbreaker game in C 5 months